Bellevue Heights Primary School

Average 4.37 based on 38 teacher ratings
Bellevue Heights Primary School is a elementary school located in Adelaide, South Australia. The average teacher rating at Bellevue Heights Primary School is 4.37 stars based on 38 ratings.
4 ratings
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Good teacher - the standards of BHPS are a little low. He taught us a lot on how to be good people rather than...
9 ratings
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She was an interesting teacher, but she could have focussed on grammar-based French. We just learned some culture and...
3 ratings
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She is a great teacher and I enjoyed every moment of agriculture science with her, I hope she is well and getting...
5 ratings
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love u
3 ratings
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I first meet him 3 years ago when I was look at new schools to go to. He was good help and all the little kids love him
6 ratings
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she never liked me. but she really is an awesome, fun teacher
4 ratings
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She helped me a lot during my time at BHPS and without her I can't possibly speak and learn good English like I am...
1 rating
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Great charismatic teacher who wanted the best for all his students. I had him in 2006. Hope all is well. -DK

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