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Shenton College

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Sausages Mcnipples

Department: Headmaster
Recent Rating: "sausages mcnipples was the greatest teacher ever known.......too bad i ate him for din..." view more »

Adam Smith

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "My favourite maths teacher. His understanding of maths is beyond imagination and he can quickly..." view more »

Laurie Saunders

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Mr Saunders is a great teacher who makes learning fun." view more »

Warwick Matthews

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Pedofile Pete :)" view more »

Gabby Barrett

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Even though i dont like english miss barrett made it enjoyable for me. She is so friendly and..." view more »

Max Mc Farlane

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Outstanding physics teacher. " view more »

Felicity Glendenning

Recent Rating: "OMG Mrs Glendenning is AMAZING!!! I love drama and she makes it soo much fun!!! She made me love..." view more »

Vikki Upton

Department: English
Recent Rating: "one of my favourite teachers ever. really knowledgeable and always clear in her explanations...." view more »

Murray Thomas

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Heinsinburg is a great teacher! g-lad! Will miss him for mentor!" view more »

Peter Massey

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "great guy learnt so much makes class fun and he surfs " view more »

David Stanley

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "great teacher, and is very helpful but is overrated. He has a lot of knowledge and is the only..." view more »

Rebecca Halse

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Amazing teacher, this is coming from a student who came out of year 10 getting A's to getting all..." view more »

Sam Miles

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Favourite teacher" view more »

David Holmes

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "Stay on his good side. Knowledgable, but often struggles to clarify issues." view more »


Department: History
Recent Rating: "best teacher ever, he is a great guy and can rap the constitution. how can you not like him...." view more »

Amanda Ferrera

Department: History
Recent Rating: "she is a very compelling teacher who gets the students engaged with learning plus she is very..." view more »

Sandra Down

Department: English
Recent Rating: "amazing teacher, cancels the planned lesson so we can do work on the internet :)" view more »

Chloe Britton

Department: History
Recent Rating: "quality teacher! a lovely person too. Someone who actually cares about her students and their..." view more »


Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "CHOCOLATE BROWNIES! <3 really helpful and encouraging with chocolate" view more »

Amanda Martin

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Very good teacher. Explains everything incredibly well." view more »

Michael Morgan

Recent Rating: "ladladladladladladladladladladladladladlaladladladladladladladladladladladladladlaldaldadladladla..." view more »

David Mc Rae

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "looks like superman!" view more »

Louise Secker

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Great. For Perth Modern, sorry Shenton kids. very knowledgable, amazing teacher, extremely..." view more »

Matthew Dhue

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Favourite teacher! Explains everything well, funny, nice easygoing personality. " view more »

Jenny Spearman

Department: French
Recent Rating: "Made french classes fun, while still maintaining discipline. I learnt so much from her, she is so..." view more »

Daniel Engdahl

Department: Design And Technology
Recent Rating: "Best teacher in the history of mankind. Deserves awards for teaching a bunch of terrible, nasty..." view more »

Stan Morgillo

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He is awesome. Best teacher ever. Explains things really well, and makes sure they're clear." view more »

Shane Yardely

Recent Rating: "frikn legend love the guy cx" view more »

Margaret Staffe

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "good teacher but a bit of a cnt" view more »

Brian Allan

Department: Social Science
Recent Rating: "Very helpful teacher in both his courses. Love his dry sense of humour and giving the lolliz out..." view more »

Janine Gillett

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Nicer than Ms.Duhig" view more »

Adam Pengelly

Department: English
Recent Rating: "The class discussions can sometimes stray off topic, he doesn't really go through the concepts..." view more »

Fergus Deroy

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: ""DEMONS, GET IN THE BAG" great man, great great man." view more »

Sandy Poh

Department: Hebrew Studies
Recent Rating: "so funny!" view more »

Gavan Ryan

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "He is great. He is very helpful and he always want to make sure we understand the mathematics. Mr..." view more »

John Cox

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mr Cox is such an amazing teacher, I'm incredibly sad he's retiring. He's so awesome, really nice..." view more »

Tristan Drake

Department: Health
Recent Rating: "hes really "easy" " view more »

Declan Sharp

Recent Rating: "I'm sorry he is just a really nice guy.............................." view more »

Kim Bedworth

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "I have ms Bedworth currently and she is a very good teacher, she loves me :3" view more »

David Thompson

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "Thommo is the best" view more »

Murray Baker

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Really good teacher and a nice guy. Presents everything really clearly and is always helpful" view more »

Graeme Spedding

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Graeme Spedding needs spends more time outside" view more »

Giles Creelman

Department: English
Recent Rating: "A helpful staff member who is sorely missed." view more »

Robyn Kain

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Is OK. Plays favourites. It's ok if you're "in". Irritating and unfair if you are not. Makes a..." view more »

Desley Mac Kenzie

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Great teacher. Takes the time to help all her students, explains things well. Nice and friendly. " view more »

Ross Mc Queen

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "a very funny male individual who often cracks a joke at my expense x" view more »

Dana Perks

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "a very h0mo person #l0ser" view more »

Alison Weller

Department: Travel And Tourism
Recent Rating: "Shenton College need more teachers like her" view more »

Robert Poole

Department: Japanese
Recent Rating: "An absolute lad " view more »

Katie Powers

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "such a great woman. not the greatest teacher but her character makes up for everything" view more »