Colyton High School

Average 4.27 based on 100 teacher ratings
Colyton High School is located in Sydney, New South Wales with an average teacher rating of 4.27 stars. When comparing Colyton High School's teachers to other teachers in the state of New South Wales, Colyton High School's teachers are below the average of 4.32 stars. Colyton High School ranks 8 amongst all High Schools in the state of New South Wales. Learn More
3 ratings
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Anthony is probably one of the best teachers in Colyton High School, he always tucks me in at night, he always calls...


Department Science
10 ratings
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One of the Best Teachers at Colyton
7 ratings
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Mr brown is a great teacher we are doing woodwork with him now


Department Science
1 rating
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She is awesome
2 ratings
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Fun and Easy Going


Department Law
4 ratings
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A true asset works hard but never fails to greet you warmly.
11 ratings
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He likes to get mad
6 ratings
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shes cool